Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thumbs Up

It very irritating how things are always having the same system. It has already been 3 weeks i have been admitted in hospital which was supposedly one of the best in malaysia. A change from the government hospital to a private one is really a big jump. Everyone knows hows expensive they can get. now imagine staying here for 3 weeks. I wouldnt want to talk about their bills now.

Whats irritating is that, their system of work is the same. The government hospitals in malaysia doesnt have enough nurses. Their always running around to attend to other patients. Should it be the same in the private sector? I mean you ARE paying a substantial amount of money but your getting the same service AS THE GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS. Not to mention their attitude.

I really hope Things change.

As for now. I give a thumbs up for their impeccable service. Please Change.

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