Thursday, March 25, 2010


The morning sun rays climbs into my window and penetrating the heavy curtains to wake me up with somewhat a pleasant glare. I looked the the laptop screen beside me in a daze staring at a picture. A picture of a stranger. Unknown to one another and separated by the limited information and knowledge. She represents something so mythical, somethings so pure and maybe the person i was searching all this while. The first moment i stared into her picture i was stuck in a daze trying my best to hold a good composure before falling into pieces.

I lay there motionless leaving her profile page there for a few hours before regaining my senses and being fully aware of the situation. The only thing i felt then and even now is to immediately tell her the truth and my feelings and my honest intention as to why i am acting his way. The weird thing is, i barely know her yet u would like nothing more then to be with her. But all i could do now is to wait. WAIT FOR THE VERY DAY she clicks the approval button. I would really much like to get to know this mystery girl and maybe just maybe i would receive her golden heart and to make it mine.

But most important of all is that i want a chance to tell her that The first time i laid my eyes on your picture, i felt something pulling me to the source of attraction. Pulling me even harder like a tremendous force of gravity. I STARED away into the computer screen and onto your picture which really pulled my attention. Its the way you smiled, the way you look and the way you present yourself to the world that caught my eyes.

I'm not attracted to beauty as it comes as an extra in a person whom we love. What i feel when i looked at you is something greater then words could ever explain. Something so magical and full of wonders of the unexplainable and unthinkable. Something that is just Awesome. That is what you are. and if given the chance. I WOULD LOVE TO EXPLAIN THIS ALL TO YOU.

and to remaind me that there is something better in this world, something to look forward in life and most of all someone whom we can give our unconditional love to is out there i leave here a
Friend Id=146058087
Until we meet my dear stranger
i'd bid you good day.
insyallah we'll meet someday.