Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stupid Dane "Kenneth Jakobsen" pleads not guilty to reckless driving

SEREMBAN: A 27-year-old Danish tourist pleaded not guilty in a magistrate’s court here to reckless driving and causing the deaths of three friends returning from a reunion dinner.

Kenneth Jakobsen, from Naestved in Denmark, was said to be driving a Renault Kangoo with registration number WPF 1651 when he allegedly ploughed into a BMW car in which four friends were returning to Klang from Malacca.

Ghazali Ab Majid, 52, Mohd Sofee Mohd Tahir, 50, and Zulkarnain Adam, 49, died in the accident at the 277th kilometre of the North South Expressway near Nilai near here at 5am on July 4. The other occupant of the BMW sustained serious injuries and was warded at the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital.

Jakobsen’s car was allegedly involved in a minor accident with a Proton Waja on the northbound lane of the highway before he collided with the BMW a little later. Jakobsen was charged under section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act and upon conviction could be jailed between two years and 10 years and fined between RM5,000 and RM10,000, or both.

In the soup: Jakobsen seen in crutches outside the court after facing the charges.

He faces another charge of not allowing medical officers to take his blood sample when ordered to do so without giving a valid reason. He apparently committed the offence at the hospital’s Emergency Department between 8am and 10.30am the same day. If found guilty he faces a maximum one-year jail term and fine of between RM1,000 and RM5,000, or both.

Jakobsen, who was in crutches, nodded calmly after the interpreter finished reading the charges.

Chief Inspector Umar Othman asked the court to impose bail of RM20,000 for both charges and order the accused to surrender his passport to the court. Jakobsen informed the court his visa was due to expire on Saturday.

Magistrate Marsilawati Mohamad Shah set bail at RM18,000 and ordered Jakobsen to surrender his passport to the court after having his visa extended and set Sept 20 for re-mention of the case.

Kenneth "the Supid Dane" Jakobsen, You are a fucking asshole. Given the chance, I'd probably ram you with my car while i'm going on the opposite lane in malaysia or in denmark. YOU STUPID TWAT. YOU AND YOUR FATHER ARE SCUM OF THE EARTH.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We'll miss you uncle.

NILAI: Three friends, on their way home after a reunion with old friends, were killed when their car was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle, on the North South Expressway near here, early yesterday morning.

Zulkarnain Adam 49, Mohd Sofee Mohd Tahir, 50 and Mohd Ghazali Abdul Majib 52 were killed on the spot when the BMW they were travelling in collided with a Renault Kangoo driven by a Dane at 277th kilometre stretch near the Nilai interchange at 4.45am.

The driver of the BMW, Zahari Abdullah 49 and the Dane who was not identified, have been admitted to the Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital in Seremban where they were being treated for serious injuries.

Horrible sight: A traffic police officer looking at the Kancil car which killed four people in Kepala Batas.

The four friends were returning to Kuala Lumpur from Malacca when the accident happened.

State traffic police chief ASP Abd Halil Hamzah said Zahari could not avoid the car driven by the Dane as it was travelling against the traffic.

“Before that, the Dane was involved in another minor accident when his car collided with a Proton Waja. For reasons best known to him, he made an illegal U-turn and drove against the flow of traffic for several kilometres before colliding head on with the BMW,” he said. Abd Halil said Mohd Sofee and Mohd Ghazali suffered massive head injuries and died on the spot, while Zulkarnain died upon admission at the hospital.

Their remains were collected by family members after post-mortems were conducted.

He said police would detain the Dane for dangerous driving which resulted in the deaths of the three friends.

When met at the mortuary, Mohd Ghazali’s son, Taufek, 25, said he last met his father at their home in Teluk Gadung in Klang on Friday.

“I was asleep and my dad woke me up just to ask how I was.

“He had never done this before. We are going to miss him very much,” he said.

Taufek’s older sister Nurul Wahidda said Mohd Ghazali was a doting father.

“He would always want to know where we are and what we were doing. This came as a shock to our family,” she added.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank you Bee

It's been a long time since i could actually smile. Moving from places to find a comfort spot, changing perception too sooth the aching mind, and finding solution to this broken heart. It was not long ago a few incidents took place that changed my life forever. Because of the changes, I began hating every single individual who walks on my path, every thought of happiness as it did not exist and even the things that were brought on to me as a punishment from god. I told myself not to allow anymore changes to happen because i hatted them.

It seems everything changed again. This time for the better, insyallah. My behavior towards my friends have changed. My attitude towards life has also changed and a few others as well. All of this is possible by Allah, my parents and this special individual.

We met in a strange position. Instead of falling for one another, we actually hated one another. In class she was the "know it all" girl. Every question the lecturer asked, she would always be the first to answer them. Giving no chance to the other students. Haha. That was cute.

Now were in love, and keeping our relationship very interesting. Insyallah.
Bee, i dont know what I'd do without you. Thank you for everything bee, You are my sunshine an will always bee. Thank you for loving me and putting up with my nonsense. I love you from the bottom of my heart and insyallah till death do us part or the end of time which ever comes first.

Love you baby. Thank you for loving me and forgiving me.
Sayang you sangat2.

I'm sorry baby

For all the mistakes I've made, for al the sadness I've caused, Never once have i intended in doing them purposely. I really am sorry for all those things i've done to hurt you. Not knowing it was bugging you and irritating you. I only did them because i thought it was just harmless fun.

I'm not perfect and i do make mistakes. I try everyday not to make the same mistakes. I am learning day by day. You have been patient with me for all my nonsense, I thank you for that.
It's my fault and insyallah i wont repeat them again. Please bee.

Love you dearly
Miss you even more.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Buying them.

I need to buy a new phone, But i just cant decide if i should buy the blackberry or the nokia E63. Regardless to say, both are good phones. I dont want to regret buying one of them and would want the other in the end.

Saving myself the headache, I guess i'm getting both then.
New problem, Mane selamat nak simpan dalam hostel kalau ade budak2 penyangak.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perfect Win

The Germans made history again by defeating their old rival England, So much excitement from these two giant competitors. I have been supporting Germany for a long time now. When i saw today's game against England, i was very pleased with the end result. It was 4-1 for the Germans.

Klose with the first goal followed up by Podolski and twice by the other guy. haha
I really hope that Germany would survive all the rounds and end up in the finals..and of course winning too.

As for now, I have to say BYE BYE ENGLAND, insyallah we'll see you again in the next world cup.

to my baby, Beee We won big time. hahaha

Congratulations GERMANY. dankeh.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thumbs Up

It very irritating how things are always having the same system. It has already been 3 weeks i have been admitted in hospital which was supposedly one of the best in malaysia. A change from the government hospital to a private one is really a big jump. Everyone knows hows expensive they can get. now imagine staying here for 3 weeks. I wouldnt want to talk about their bills now.

Whats irritating is that, their system of work is the same. The government hospitals in malaysia doesnt have enough nurses. Their always running around to attend to other patients. Should it be the same in the private sector? I mean you ARE paying a substantial amount of money but your getting the same service AS THE GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS. Not to mention their attitude.

I really hope Things change.

As for now. I give a thumbs up for their impeccable service. Please Change.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The gift of company.

For the longest time i couldn't really be bothered with my surroundings. I take everything for granted. Being this way, i was defined as being satisfactorily blind. I couldn't agree more. Over time i began to see things clearly. My eyes were finally opened, Insyallah.

A lot has happened over the period of time from where we began to where we are now. It may have been a rough journey but it was worth it every step of the way. To those distant memories we forget, its time we remembered them. To moments that defies us for who we are, remember them.

Among the things that happened, Falling in love is one of them. so many differences between one another but yet so many sparks. It started as hateful feeling of one another. All of a sudden, It all changes. Its amazing what has happened.

Baby, I thank you for everything you have done for me. Being there for me when i needed you the most. Being supportive when i am in doubt. Criticizing me to be better and to be by my side when i'm alone. The only thing i want to do is just be with you. You changed me for the better and i thank you for that. For all those amazing and wonderful things you've done for me bee, I take my hat off and applaud you. Thank you bee, thank you.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Each day before before going out to class, before showering, before the rumbling and chaos, before the others wake up for their daily routine, I stand in front of the mirror in the toilet looking at a reflection of a being. Dark as the night, Big as bear and messy as a sloth... Thats me i guess....

I stood there in a fixed position leaning forward, glancing towards the mirror and remembering the good ol' days where everything was less complicated and intense. Where everyone saluted one another out of respect and fear. Yeah! the golden days...

I'm a washed out rugby player who had everything going on. Now to get by the day, I re-live back the glory days which are long gone. Basking in those detailed memories to make me feel good bout myself. To be honest, I'm sick and tired of it. I'm proud of my success and was praised by many for them.

Truth be told, I have a huge ego. Playing rugby only made it worse. Even now i still carry this burden with me. Saying things i now i shouldn't, doing things I'm not supposed to and as a result not many people like me. Cant blame them. It is what it is, and what it is is entirely my fault, Realizing this, not a day goes by that I don't feel guilty or the need to change. Its a slow process. I guess.

If i had a wish, I'd wish for a remote that could just turn back time to the very beginning where i could just start over. For now, i can only fix the problems I've created for myself and move on to the next step hoping that its the right step and maybe a brighter one this time.

Special thanks to this lovely individual who whipped me back on track. A life without her, would be no life at all. (AW.b.AR)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The morning sun rays climbs into my window and penetrating the heavy curtains to wake me up with somewhat a pleasant glare. I looked the the laptop screen beside me in a daze staring at a picture. A picture of a stranger. Unknown to one another and separated by the limited information and knowledge. She represents something so mythical, somethings so pure and maybe the person i was searching all this while. The first moment i stared into her picture i was stuck in a daze trying my best to hold a good composure before falling into pieces.

I lay there motionless leaving her profile page there for a few hours before regaining my senses and being fully aware of the situation. The only thing i felt then and even now is to immediately tell her the truth and my feelings and my honest intention as to why i am acting his way. The weird thing is, i barely know her yet u would like nothing more then to be with her. But all i could do now is to wait. WAIT FOR THE VERY DAY she clicks the approval button. I would really much like to get to know this mystery girl and maybe just maybe i would receive her golden heart and to make it mine.

But most important of all is that i want a chance to tell her that The first time i laid my eyes on your picture, i felt something pulling me to the source of attraction. Pulling me even harder like a tremendous force of gravity. I STARED away into the computer screen and onto your picture which really pulled my attention. Its the way you smiled, the way you look and the way you present yourself to the world that caught my eyes.

I'm not attracted to beauty as it comes as an extra in a person whom we love. What i feel when i looked at you is something greater then words could ever explain. Something so magical and full of wonders of the unexplainable and unthinkable. Something that is just Awesome. That is what you are. and if given the chance. I WOULD LOVE TO EXPLAIN THIS ALL TO YOU.

and to remaind me that there is something better in this world, something to look forward in life and most of all someone whom we can give our unconditional love to is out there i leave here a
Friend Id=146058087
Until we meet my dear stranger
i'd bid you good day.
insyallah we'll meet someday.