Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shit Blew

Getting back from an exhausting trip didn't make my heart that missed her any better. it only made it worse. I couldn't think of anything other then talking to her or chatting with her. Well i Did manage to go online. We chat for a while and stuff. How awesome. But things took an unexpected toll, After a while chatting i lost all sense of senses and had to say i was in love. Shit. Double that and add it with a triple fuck. Why the hell couldn't i just shut the fuck up? well needless to say what happened. You can jolly well guess the answer and shove it in Santa's ass for a naughty or nice wish list.

I;ll get over it. Its just one of those night.
Shit blew.
She's just not that into you. Booyaa baby.

and ouh to the readers as usual a thanks and a personal

FUCK YOU (*sing in a melodious tone )

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