Monday, June 1, 2009

oooooo! exams are coming up and I'm barely prepared for it. Looks like I'll be studying 24/7 from tomorrow. Classes are nothing but regular, and work loads are adding up. Just hope after this 2 freaking papers i can chill and relax for a while. Anyways nothing much happens in this part of the world. Mange to bank in RM750 today. YEY! well hope that amount stays there and doesn't get depleted anytime soon.

Have a list of things to buy and hoping with the amount of money saved up i can afford to buy them all. Lets see, I'm buying myself a Nokia E71, Ray Ban aviator sun glasses, Braun Buffel wallet, Macbook air and a Adidas Olympic collection worth RM350 each. I have 12 of them to buy so wish me luck. HAHAHA


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