Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woke up early this morning. So friggin tired, had to do a few things today. When to take pictures for passport and stuff, went shopping with mummy and delivered a few things to Tasha's house. Bought a new shoe, yey! haha. Hush puppies only. nothing to shout about. lol

Oooo, i also bought 3 new shirts. Hooray for me. At all added up to a thousand Plus. Well at least i'm happy. Cant wait to get back. Feel the sun's heat glaring all over me, the sounds of loud machinery and the roar of the ocean. Left with 6 month to complete the program then i'm headed of to a degree program i hope. Trying to get a place in Petronas ofter my studies. Its very hard i tell you.

Anyways will be blogging on my free time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

oooooo! exams are coming up and I'm barely prepared for it. Looks like I'll be studying 24/7 from tomorrow. Classes are nothing but regular, and work loads are adding up. Just hope after this 2 freaking papers i can chill and relax for a while. Anyways nothing much happens in this part of the world. Mange to bank in RM750 today. YEY! well hope that amount stays there and doesn't get depleted anytime soon.

Have a list of things to buy and hoping with the amount of money saved up i can afford to buy them all. Lets see, I'm buying myself a Nokia E71, Ray Ban aviator sun glasses, Braun Buffel wallet, Macbook air and a Adidas Olympic collection worth RM350 each. I have 12 of them to buy so wish me luck. HAHAHA