Monday, May 4, 2009

Everyday i spent with her,
yet another idea i conquer,
what lies i told myself,
putting my feelings in a shelf,
maybe it's bad just from the start,
maybe i just don't have the heart,
to look her in the eyes and tell her i despise,
what more could i be looking,
forever clueless and always searching,
yes i told you I'd be there,
but u pushed me away with your selfless care,
you drowned me with your love,
and it buried me in mother earth,
maybe someday you would learn,
how to love instead of burn,
you anger me with what you said,
now i have to turn my head,
because i know the person you are,
a love starved girl behind prison bar,
it hurts you when i leave,
but now its freedom that i breath,
you must chill and understand,
love is no game plan,
i will appear when the time is right,
but for now i must keep out of sight.

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