Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ehem, Lemme try something new here. I'm gonna try typing and expressing myself in the Malaysian language. So here goes nothing.

Aku melihat keadaan sekeliling dan berpuas hati,
Keadaan yang aman, sepi dan suci,
Namun di dalam keadaan ini ku sebenarya sunyi,
Akal ku hilang dan perasaan ku mati.

Apa sebabnya ku jadi begini?
Adakah sebab rasa gatal di hati?
Gatal yang dipanggil cinta suci,
Kerana ku tak percaya semua ini.

Bagi ku Cinta adalah dusta,
Ia tidak wujud Di alam semesta dan Dunia,
Kerana tiada apa yang akan berkekalan,

Ku bangkit dari tidur dan berhadap dinding,
Penuh dengan nama mu ku telah conteng.
Hati ku berdering bagaikan loceng,
Apabila kau ada dan ku berpusing.

Aku tidak tahu perasaan ini,
Belum pernah ku rasa dan alami,
Namun Jikalau ku demam cinta,
Berilah ku ubat supaya ku sumbuh segera.

Aku tidak mahu perasaan ini,
Aku tidak mahu terluka,
Pernah ku cuba sekali,
Dan Kesakitanya terpaku di dalam memori.

Walapun Kau secantik umat,
Biarpun kau baik seperti nabi,
Doakan hati ku KUAT,
Untuk melawan ganguan ini.

Hanya tuhan sahaja yang tahu,
Bertapanya sayang ku padamu,
Naman Takkan ku berani ucap.
Ketakutan hubungan akan direntap.

Jika tuhan memberi masa,
Dan mengizinkan cinta,
Di situ lah detik percayaan,
dan disitulah ku tunjuk kasih sayang.
Maafkan kata-kata ku,
Bahawanya ku tidak berniat unutk meluka,
Namun inilah hakikat yg benar
Dan dipijak pada bumi yang nyata.

Well i tried my best to express myself. and pray that all is well. Till next time.

Ali Hakim Montashari Kathran.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shit Blew

Getting back from an exhausting trip didn't make my heart that missed her any better. it only made it worse. I couldn't think of anything other then talking to her or chatting with her. Well i Did manage to go online. We chat for a while and stuff. How awesome. But things took an unexpected toll, After a while chatting i lost all sense of senses and had to say i was in love. Shit. Double that and add it with a triple fuck. Why the hell couldn't i just shut the fuck up? well needless to say what happened. You can jolly well guess the answer and shove it in Santa's ass for a naughty or nice wish list.

I;ll get over it. Its just one of those night.
Shit blew.
She's just not that into you. Booyaa baby.

and ouh to the readers as usual a thanks and a personal

FUCK YOU (*sing in a melodious tone )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Woke up early this morning. So friggin tired, had to do a few things today. When to take pictures for passport and stuff, went shopping with mummy and delivered a few things to Tasha's house. Bought a new shoe, yey! haha. Hush puppies only. nothing to shout about. lol

Oooo, i also bought 3 new shirts. Hooray for me. At all added up to a thousand Plus. Well at least i'm happy. Cant wait to get back. Feel the sun's heat glaring all over me, the sounds of loud machinery and the roar of the ocean. Left with 6 month to complete the program then i'm headed of to a degree program i hope. Trying to get a place in Petronas ofter my studies. Its very hard i tell you.

Anyways will be blogging on my free time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

oooooo! exams are coming up and I'm barely prepared for it. Looks like I'll be studying 24/7 from tomorrow. Classes are nothing but regular, and work loads are adding up. Just hope after this 2 freaking papers i can chill and relax for a while. Anyways nothing much happens in this part of the world. Mange to bank in RM750 today. YEY! well hope that amount stays there and doesn't get depleted anytime soon.

Have a list of things to buy and hoping with the amount of money saved up i can afford to buy them all. Lets see, I'm buying myself a Nokia E71, Ray Ban aviator sun glasses, Braun Buffel wallet, Macbook air and a Adidas Olympic collection worth RM350 each. I have 12 of them to buy so wish me luck. HAHAHA


Monday, May 4, 2009

Everyday i spent with her,
yet another idea i conquer,
what lies i told myself,
putting my feelings in a shelf,
maybe it's bad just from the start,
maybe i just don't have the heart,
to look her in the eyes and tell her i despise,
what more could i be looking,
forever clueless and always searching,
yes i told you I'd be there,
but u pushed me away with your selfless care,
you drowned me with your love,
and it buried me in mother earth,
maybe someday you would learn,
how to love instead of burn,
you anger me with what you said,
now i have to turn my head,
because i know the person you are,
a love starved girl behind prison bar,
it hurts you when i leave,
but now its freedom that i breath,
you must chill and understand,
love is no game plan,
i will appear when the time is right,
but for now i must keep out of sight.