Sunday, September 28, 2008

The real Ali hakim

Lets start from the begining, i'm Ali Hakim Montashari Khathran. I'm just a teenager who drinks and smokes and I drive under the influence of alcohol. I have a discrete background. many know me as "kim,alikim,hakim or Mr.goodie 2 shoes". My height is apprxmtly 180 .I have been charge with fighting,smoking and drinking. With this on my report, it doesn;t make me a role model.Since 2003-2007 I've been sent to the counseling room for about 47 times. I have some diciplinary problem and have been sent to the dicipline room countless of time. At the end of the year my merit points are always left with 20-15 points. As a result i'm being potreyed as a problematic student.My bad habbits are: smoking,drinking and getting into fights when i'm drunk. My mood rage from happy-moody-furious. As a result i'm labeled as a phsycopath in school and on the street. I hit without warning but have control over girls.My current status is divorced, and after cleanig the counts my ex's are already 6. i have lied my way in and out of ppls heart. But currently i am finding peace and harmony to calm myslef down.I earn less then rm 450 monthly and i drive a proton wira which is younger then me by two years. I have problematic friends and idiots as enemies. I attented a place what seems to be a school. Repeating my routine each day. i'm left with one year before i put my carrier in my hands.I play rugby which i take pride in for the certificates and futsal. In doing so i've earn the name "kneetacker" in the field when playing rugby. by current BMI is a 27. With all these activites there is a little price to pay. I have a twisted back and ankel. My pinky has reach a point where bending is imposible. and the constant pain at the neck and at the hips.Other than that i have nothing going on in my life. Sounds shallow but i feel as if my life is an empty shell. Filling it, is great dissapointment and regret with a spoonfull of luck and happiness and sprinkeled with succsess. My life is followed by a few simple rules. i belive in a system that works and piss on the system that doesnt. I hate those who oppose and love thoes with ideas. I may not be a good role model, but i make a great friend and a provider. I hear thoes with problems and try to solve it with them. But if this still doent make me a good person i have nothing to say. The people that know me for who i am has been through thick and thin with me.I'm not easy to read nor understand. But i'm easy to hate and to love.I give you my trust and once you broken it. theres no second chance. I have the ability of reading people by watching thier behaviour and saying the right things at the right time. Some calls it a gift. But i prefer to think of it as both a curse and a gift.And at the end of the day, it doesnt mater who reads this bulletins to know me. Cause i belive by giving people chance to know the real me. and by not drving them away.

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