Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fixed. thank god. need money

My car was fixed and it cost me a whooping RM 300 bucks man.. where am i gonna get that amount of money? i wanted to ask my boss for a raise but all he did was raise his eyebrows. What and "a" hole he was.. hahaha.. well. today is the independence day for my country. SELAMAT MERDEKA YG KE-51 Malaysia.. i have a lot of things to buy today. just hope that the shops that i'm going to isn't closed. i have to get shampoo for myself and my cat, renew my card KGNS card, wash the car, and send stuff to my mom's friends house. last of all i'll be heading to subang jaya to buy something at cold storage. Man do they have a lot of items there. hahaha.. i sound like my mother.. Oh... my cousions just arrived yesterday and now we have like 3 families in my house. boy is it crowded. they'll be staying here till the end of ramadan. my mom had to buy a truck load of food just to survive the ramadan month..hahaha which reminds me, i have to ask everyone in class to come for "buka puasa" in my house.. But first things first, i have to find the amount of money to pay the debt of my car. Looks like i'll be taking a stroll down to the bank. Gees how i hate taking money..if i have time i will go down to bangsar or one utama buy myself a watch and for my friend.. her birthday maa.. plus i want to get somthing for myself.. its been 2 month since i bought anything for myself. till next time.. gooten taag

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