Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bad working day. haha

On friday, i had the most horibble day possible imagined. i woke at 8.30 am and was already late for some work i had to handle. i skiped class and went out. After my work was completed, i went back home to get ready for the friday prayers. i rushed out of the house trying to beat the friday crowd. It was unsuccessful, so I drove back home and prayed in my house. I received a phone call from the office where my dad was complaining bout the work I had done. I had to rush over there. When I was about to leave my home, my mom called me up and asked me to send some things to her friends house near my old kindergarten. I looked at my watch and tolled her that I can’t help her now. But my mom keeps on insisting that I do it. I got in my car which was a renult coupe, mind you... hahaha and saw the fuel meter at empty. I decided to take my Proton out. Not knowing that it was having problems of its own, I hit the pedals and went as fast as I could to my first destination. I arrived at my mom friend’s house at 2 something, and rushed for the office. I decided to take shorter route that would lead me to the highway. As I was driving towards the road exit that I had taken, I noticed the engine signal appeared at the speedometer screen. In an instance the engine died and I was rolling towards the exit with no power and little control. Thank god there was no traffic or I would have been in an accident. I stopped by the road side and lift the hood of the car up and saw smoke coming out from the engine. I called my friend to help me out but he couldn’t make it because he has tuition. I noticed that there was a SHELL pump station behind me just down a hill. I went there for help and there was this guy who was kind enough to call AAM for me. After about 30 minutes stuck by the roadside, the AAM managed to get my car running again. I thank the man and went on my way. I thought to myself, “boy was that bad places to have your care break down.” I got to the office in one peace and left the office in pieces after my dad lost his temper. HAHAHA

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